Jeethendra Balaji

Loves to checkout the unseen

Jeethendra Balaji 45 wpm

FOSS@Amrita 2018

I'm from Chennai, a guy with wildest dreams but at the same time equally lazy enough to sleep for 12 hrs straight. I'm more of an introvert type of person. I like to dedicate myself to bring about a change in this world, in my own way. Well before joining in Amrita, I had no interest in the subject CSE nor did I have much knowledge about programming other than Cpp. Once I joined the college, I got to know about the various clubs that is a part of this college. One club stood out in my eyes, FOSS, the more i got to know about how the club is functioning, The more I was attracted towards it and started to work upon the languages I found to be exciting.


I'm interested to learn the things that i don't have much idea about. I'm interested in psychology and loves to read books related to it. I like watching anime, ted talks and any new tech that is been released recently. Music is the key for me to get through things when situations let me down.


I studied C++ in high school. I'm good at python, I spent a month to get through the working of python. I started with flask recently, i know the basics of it.