Student Organisation Title Bug id Date
Bhanu Prakash Poluparthi Drupal Code Review 2969236 May, 2018
Bhanu Prakash Poluparthi Drupal Short array syntax must be used in Drupal best practices 2966771 May, 2018
Bhanu Prakash Poluparthi Drupal missing 2956428 May, 2018
rammanoj potla Mediawiki Enable HTML download for WDQS results Ifcc0b0170f251889b0fa26a9af65b25a93902cc3 April, 2018
Manikishan Ghantasala Mozilla remove NS_ASSERT / debug.js Bug 1431050 April, 2018
Bhanu Prakash Poluparthi Drupal Create a README file. 2950748 April, 2018


Student Organisation Title Mentors Date
Bhanu Prakash Poluparthi Drupal Port Commerce Instamojo Module to D8 Dibyajyoti Panda April, 2018
Chiranjeeb Mahanta Drupal Integration of Affiliate API with Drupal 8 Dbj Panda April, 2018
Abhishek Lal Drupal Complete porting of Examples for Developers Sub-modules to D8 Navneet Singh(navnet0693) July, 2017
Amrita Nair AFDC League Management System RGSoC: Rails Girls Summer of Code Pete Holiday July, 2017
Anagha R Rails Girls Rails Girls Summer of Code 2017 Pete Holiday July, 2017
Aniketh Girish KDE Integrate Timothée Giet, Scott Petrovic July, 2017


Student Magazine Title Area Date
Chirath R OSFY Setting up and Configuring ownCloud OwnCloud October, 2016
Anu Vazhayil Procedia computer science AMA: Static Code Analysis of Web Page for the Detection of Malicious Scripts Cyber Security September, 2016
Chaithanya H OSFY Work with Flow to debug your program Flow January, 2016
Akshay CV OSFY Setting up Django on windows Django,Windows January, 2016
Amrita Nair OSFY Katoolin: installing Kali Linux tools Debian based OS Kali Linux tools, Pen testing January, 2016
Aniketh Girish OSFY Setting Up Apache and PHP on Windows Apache, PHP, Windows January, 2016


Student Organisation Title Type Date
Ashwin Shenoy GMetri Full stack developer internship December, 2018
Athira S University of Ben Gurion Data mining and Business Intelligence in Cyber security and its application internship January, 2017
Anu Vazhayil University of Paderborn CCS Labs exchange_student March, 2016
Haritha Harikumar Tel-Aviv University Cyber Security internship January, 2016
Anu Vazhayil Tel Aviv University Cyber security and Business Entrepreneurship internship May, 2015


Student Conference, location Title type Date
Vibhoothi FOSSmeet ‘18, NIT-C Improving UX with Custom ROMs talk February, 2018
Gayathri Ravipati Ruby conference India 2018, Bangalore A step to open source and RGSoC talk February, 2018
Aniketh Girish KDE Conference 2017, IIT Guwahati, Assam Object tracking using OpenCV and Qt. talk March, 2017
Anagha R Ruby Conf India2017, Kochi Getting started with Ruby on Rails talk January, 2017
Chaithanya H WikiToLearn, Jaipur India Connecting Rural Women On Internet talk January, 2017
Haritha Harikumar WikiToLearn India, Jaipur Exploring engine behind Wikipages talk January, 2017


Student Title Rank Contest Id Solved problems Date