Student Magazine Title Area Date
Chirath R OSFY Setting up and Configuring ownCloud OwnCloud October, 2016
Anu Vazhayil Procedia computer science AMA: Static Code Analysis of Web Page for the Detection of Malicious Scripts Cyber Security September, 2016
Chaithanya H OSFY Work with Flow to debug your program Flow January, 2016
Akshay CV OSFY Setting up Django on windows Django,Windows January, 2016
Amrita Nair OSFY Katoolin: installing Kali Linux tools Debian based OS Kali Linux tools, Pen testing January, 2016
Aniketh Girish OSFY Setting Up Apache and PHP on Windows Apache, PHP, Windows January, 2016
Chaithanya H OSFY An Introduction to Mercurial Revision Control Tool January, 2016
Anu Vazhayil OSFY The Benefits of Rust and how it scores over C Programming languages March, 2015