Life in the Club


Here at [email protected], seniors guide juniors on their way in the club. It is a learning and development partnership between someone with vast experience and someone who wants to learn. Mentoring others is one of the most important parts of being in a community. This is an experience and a skill which cannot be gained in a classroom. In [email protected] when you get enough experience, you will be assigned mentees - people whom you have to train. You will be responsible for tracking their progress, ensuring that they are doing what is best suited for them.

World of Opportunities

[email protected] provides you with a range of opportunities if you do well. You get several opportunities for internships (sometimes even after the first semester itself), going to hackathons, getting funding for travelling to conferences of various Open Source Organization to places like Paris, Tokyo, Singapore etc. If you are interested in higher studies or applying for summer programs abroad, [email protected] helps you build up a spectacular resume for all these applications.

GSoC Training

Every year, Google conducts the Google Summer of Code, an international event which provides a platform for students to contribute to Open Source Projects and each year here at [email protected], we train students and participate and have been quite successful so far, with over 35+ GSoCs. Students receive expert mentorship from students who are experienced in the Open source world, right from basic E-mail and IRC chatting ethics to helping with writing the GSoC project proposal.

FOSS Talks

FOSS Talks is a regular club event with the aim of getting students used to public speaking and getting rid of stage fear. Each week, 3 students are chosen to talk on the topic they choose for 7 minutes.

FOSS Nights

FOSS Nights is a once-in-an-even-semester cultural event hosted all by the students themselves. This is an event where members get to show off their non-technical skills. Right from the food which is cooked that day to making all the necessary arrangements are all done by the members themselves. This is a great opportunity for learning to work as a team. The members orchestrate the cultural events with performances in dancing, singing, playing musical instruments etc.


FOSS Play is a regular sports event in which the members go out and play. Physical exercise is an essential component of any student’s life and we here at [email protected] make sure we don’t miss out on that. Football, cricket, badminton - you name it, we play it!

Social Commitments

Being part of the Amrita University (under the Mata Amritanandamayi Math(an NGO with Special Consultative Status to the UN) we get opportunities to lend hands in noble causes in times of dire adversities. During the Kerala floods (2018) which shook the entire state, Amrita University under the guidance of Mata Amritanandamayi set up a 24x7 Hour helpline for providing victim relief. We took part, along with students of the college, running shifts day in and day out. Under the ABC (Amala Bharatam Campaign) program by MAM, [email protected] recently also took part of a Clean Up drive conducted in the nearby area.