14 Students from Amritapuri Campus Selected for GSoC 2019

As many as 14 students from Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, Amritapuri Campus have been selected for the Google Summer of Code (GSoC) program. GSoC-19 is the 15th edition of the global program organized by Google annually which focuses on bringing more students into open source software development.

For the last 10 years, students from Amrita have been getting selected each year and so far, more than 60 students have made it as a GSoC Student Developer. This year 12 students have been accepted as Student Developers for various organisations, who are now eligible for a stipend of $3000USD on completion of the project. Additionally, 2 students have been selected as project mentors for their organisations and this year, for the first time, a 17 year old first year student, Harshith Pabbati, who couldn’t participate in the program as a Student Developer, was selected by Public Lab as one of their project mentors, crediting his valuable contributions. Abhilash G , a third year student, has also been selected as a project mentor for Mifos. In all, these Amrita students will receive a total amount of US $36,000 (25.33 Lakh INR) on completing their projects.

“This year it is more special for us as we have 5 first year students cracking it, in a program where several Masters, and PhD students have been participating.” said Vipin Pavithran, who is the Chief Mentor and Founder of FOSS@Amrita. FOSS@Amrita was founded in 2007 with an aim to promote and contribute to Open Source while nurturing holistic growth of its members, and has played a phenomenal role in training and mentoring the students for programs like GSoC in the campus, and in fact, 10 of the students selected including the 2 mentors this year are active members of the club.

“The mentors and seniors of the club have been constantly guiding us, the environment, opportunities and exposure the club has given me is the sole reason I believe, I was able to get a paid internship in the first semester and now GSoC in the second ” said Ashwin Shenoy, a first year student who got selected for GSoC with Salesforce. With about 50 active members, FOSS@Amrita has been focusing to make its members competent shaping them to become leaders of the future with excellence in technical, creative and intrapersonal skills, through making them learn how to learn, by simulating a workspace like atmosphere inside the FOSS lab, and making them face challenges and setbacks that they will face in the real world.

Dubbed as the largest open source event, GSoC requires interested students to submit proposals to one or two participating open source organizations, describing the details of the project that they wish to do for the organization along with their past experiences. On the basis of this proposal, the organization mentors select the most promising proposals and mentor the student for completing the project.

This year after reviewing 7,555 proposals, a total of 1,276 students were selected for the program, who will now be working on their projects with their respective organisations starting from May 27, throughout the summer till August 26.

The 14 students who got selected for the program and their respective organisations are -

  1. Sidharth M - NetBSD
  2. Sidhanth Gupta -
  3. Akul Pillai - NetBSD
  4. Vinay Varma - INCF
  5. Krishnan Iyer - VideoLAN
  6. Rammanoj Potla - Wikimedia Foundation
  7. Manikishan Ghantasala - NetBSD
  8. Gopa Vasanth - Wikimedia Foundation
  9. Abhijit Ramesh - Mifos
  10. Akhil K Gangadharan - KDE
  11. Anand Hemachandran - MuseScore
  12. Ashwin Shenoy - Salesforce
  13. Harshith Pabbati - Public Lab
  14. Abhilash G - Mifos
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