Yash Khare selected for FOSSASIA Internship 2019

We are proud to announce that, Yash Khare, a first-year member of our club, has been accepted to the FOSSASIA Internship Program - 2019, starting later this summer. FOSSASIA is a community of Asian developers with an aim to bring together amazing people to create, develop, design and make innovations in the field of Open Technology - develop software having an impact on an essential social change, using a wide range of technologies.

Yash has been a solid, consistent contributor to FOSSASIA projects including, Badge Magic, SUSI.AI (Android) and Open Event (Android). He started contributing 6 months ago, and now with about 100 PRs sent and 6,400+ changed lines of code, he has ever since been among the most active contributors of the FOSSASIA community. He was also invited to the FOSSASIA Summit 2018 held at Singapore, which is one of the largest meetups of open source developers in Asia. In the summit, he was a part of the runners-up team in the UNESCO-FOSSASIA Hackathon (IBM Cloud Category).

Yash has been a highly active member of our club and his experience is an instance of dedication and passion towards the field of Open Source and the role of his hard work for this instrumental success.

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