Videography Contest

Videography Contest

An opportunity to showcase your skills in videography and win exciting prizes. Teams are allowed, and each team can hold up to 4 members. Please find the link to submission/registration in the resource link. *PRIZE MONEY - Rs. 2k *

A few things to take care while making the video: + Please use your own content. Any kind of plagiarism will help you to get disqualified easily. + Each team can hold up to 5 members. + Time limit for any video is 1 to 10 minutes. + Please be sure about the video while uploading, any kind of re-submission will not be accepted. + Only the team leader is allowed to submit the video. **Submission/Registration link is given below as the resource link.**

The prize money is just one small part of the event. What's awaiting you is something even more awesome. The training is given by elite members from the college and outside for enhancing your skills, a one-way ticket to represent the newly formed marketing and management team at FOSS club and a lot more perks. Give it a shot and we will get you to the top. Perks: +We train you to MARKET YOUR SKILL, one of the most vital areas you require when you acquire a job. +At the end, under the guidance of eminent persons in the field, you will lead your pack.

Feb. 7, 2018, 9:06 p.m. to March 10, 2018, midnight

Contact: Amrit (9495783963), Aravind (7034507832), Akash (9061937075)

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